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Performance Evaluations

One of the most important functions for any elected Board is to design an effective management system with their Chief Administrative Officer. We offer an opportunity to provide feedback on the CAO’s performance and to identify opportunities for improvement. We are also pleased to offer evaluation options for other senior leadership positions, such as Fire Chiefs. We have created our approach based on our deep knowledge of the role of the CAO and the unique challenges of providing (and receiving) actionable feedback in the municipal context.  Each process is customized for the client, with the option to use a combination of surveys, individual interviews and multi-stakeholder feedback to inform our recommendations. The feedback from the individuals we’ve worked with has been very positive, and we do annual reviews for a number of our clients (others use external resources every two or three evaluations). We are proud of being part of building a more collaborative and supportive relationship through this process. For more information about our process, please contact us.