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Your training needs, all online!


Training is tough, we understand!

With decades of experience in local government and E-learning, we understand why training programs aren’t working for you.

Traditional Training

Learning is rarely put into practice

With little to no follow-up or ongoing support, staff walk away with knowledge that they rarely put into practice

Expensive & Inefficient

1 or 2 days of in-person training can quickly swallow up your entire training budget and patching together fragmented online training plans takes time and money


Registering your department (or most of it) into full or half-day training courses means big losses for productivity and work plans

Inconsistent experience

Without a shared learning experience or performance benchmarks, it is challenging for employees to apply their learnings 

CivicExcellence E-learning

Immediately put into practice

We use local government-specific case studies and materials and industry experts for real-world application in real-time

saving and investment-saving - investment-money-economical

Economical & Efficient

A one-stop-shop for an entire year of access to 20+ courses, live Q&A with mentors, personalized assessments, templates and workbooks and an online community


All of the training a local government office, employee or elected official needs - in one easy to access online academy

Performance and morale booster

Employees enjoy an engaging, collective experience that improves camaraderie and teamwork and organizational performance

Learn from any location, 24/7In the boardroom, at the kitchen table, or from the back of the utility truck!

Course Offerings

What can you expect to cover in the CivicExcellence Academy?


Customer Service for Local Governments


Local Government Supervisory Essentials


Effective Time Management


How to Delegate Effectively


Managing Difficult Conversations


Strategies for Managing Stress


Effective Project Planning and Scheduling

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Collaboration and Cooperation

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Change Leadership

Basalt photo

Finding Your Change Agent Style

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Change Management Effectiveness

What makes CivicExcellence unique?

  • 25 years in local government

    Local government experience at the top tier and on the front lines.

  • 15 years in online education

    15 years of experience in online program delivery

  • 30 years of facilitation 

    Expertise in coaching, workshops and course instruction 

Who is CivicExcellence for?

Elected Officials

Make data-driven decisions

Know exactly what to do and how to do it with our Skill Builders or monthly webinars offered exclusively to elected officials.

HR Departments & Administrators

Build skills within your team.

If you have been charged with employee development, we have a simple, efficient, one-stop solution for all of your training needs.

Local Government Employees

Soar To New Heights

Ready to stand out from the crowd? We’ve got an entire suite of training that you can complete anytime, anywhere..

Let's Do This!

Contact us to see the full pricing list and discuss the specific needs of your Council, Board or group of employees with our dedicated account managers.


  • What level of employee can take CivicExcellence courses?

    Our courses are great for any local government employee thanks to carefully curated content, access to leading experts and a learning community. With CivicExcellence, leading experts in their fields provide timely and relevant local government specific training, creating a common language and philosophy throughout your entire organization.

  • What type of budget is needed to work with you?

    With courses as low as $97, we can add value with even the smallest of budget. With tightening budgets and increased workloads, the skills and expertise of your existing staff and managers are a valuable resource that must be developed through practical, multi-faceted training and mentoring.

  • How do you measure learner progress?

    We have very intentionally created an environment that will motivate employees to learn. We also provide easy access to training that fits into the workday and can be done anywhere and at any time.

  • Do you give certificates?

    Yes We provide certificates for our Masterclass Series Courses. We also can provide student performance reports to you as needed.

  • Is there a specific start date or is the enrollment open?

    Our courses can be started anytime. We can also develop student learning plans based on your needs.