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Award-winning speaker Tracey Lorenson is known for her humour and candor in helping her clients manage difficult situations. Her warm, energetic style combines her leadership experience, practical advice and real-life examples that resonate with audiences of all levels. With a keen interest in problem-solving, Tracey has developed a series of proven techniques that help organizations identify their issues and take action to improve their situation.
Tracey has worked with local governments in a variety of capacities for more than 20 years. After 6 years practicing workplace law in the public sector, Tracey was Executive VP for E-Comm, provider of 911 fire, police and ambulance services for local governments in southern BC. In her current role as the principal in the management consulting firm Paragon Strategic Services Ltd, Tracey improves her clients’ ability to perform by working with both elected and staff on areas that include conflict resolution, strategic planning and leadership training. Over the past 20 years, Tracey has worked with over 150 communities and local government organizations. 
A sought-after lecturer, Tracey has spoken extensively on a variety of topics including leadership, strategic planning, human resources, governance, and developing regional strategies. In addition, she has lectured at UBC’s Faculty of Law, Royal Roads University, Capilano University, the Justice Institute of BC, the Local Government Leadership Academy and is a member of the faculty for BC’s Local Government Management Association’s MATI programs.
Tracey recently founded "CivicExcellence" an online community for eLearning and connection for local government professionals.

Dr. Gordon McIntosh


Executive Advisor at CivicExcellence

Gordon has 40 years of local government management, educator and consultancy roles. He has provided 1,300 governance development, strategic facilitation and leadership development sessions involving 140,000 elected officials and staff throughout Canada and overseas. Workshop, training program and conference participants appreciate his energy and humour (& stories!) to provide practical insights and tools to help make a local government leadership difference. Some recent themes include
· What Is Black and White, & Grey All Over? – using success indicators to enhance governance and organizational effectiveness as well as the political/administrative interface
· The Deep C Below Us! – exploring personal behaviours and organizational practices to develop strategies and principles that promote respectful leadership and civility
● Are We on the Same Page? – aligning political choices with organizational capacity along with action plans for regular monitoring● Look Yonder – translating the relevance of major trends impacting Canadian communities and local governments for strategic processes, visioning and operations● Are we Aligned? - enhancing team effectiveness and organizational culture through team building and enhancing internal communication and cooperation● What Does It Take? – developing leadership (political or administrative) competencies for personal and organizational success along with learning and performance plans● Playing Nice in the Sand Box! – facilitating shared values and strategies for enhanced team, interdepartmental, interagency and intergovernmental collaboration
Gordon received the Professional Award of Excellence and has served as President of the Local Government Management Association in BC. As the Islands Trust Executive Director, he worked with a 26-member Council serving the 470 Gulf Islands in the Georgia Basin.
Doctor McIntosh’s research focuses on the political/administrative interface and CAO leadership role. Current faculty roles include Universities of Tanzania, Victoria, Alberta, Dalhousie, Cape Breton, Royal Roads and British Columbia as well as the Uongozi Institute for a Sustainable Africa
He has delivered conference plenary presentations and sessions, executive workshops and customized programs for local, First Nation, Métis and regional governments as well as municipal associations in every region of Canada as well as United States, New Zealand, Palestine, Jamaica, Trinidad, South America, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and Philippines.

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"Tracey was full of energy and gave us lots of great information to bring back with us. Tracey is both engaging and inspirational."


MATI 2019 - Managing People in Local Government Organizations

"Most of the facilitators that I worked with in council planning did not come from local government, they come from the business world or somewhere else. Tracey [facilitates] much better than most that I've seen.". 

City Councillor

City of Kamloops

"Tracey was a very clear and enthusiastic instructor. I feel like I could talk to her about this topic for hours and be fully engaged."


MATI 2020 - Managing People in Local Government Organizations

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